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The Cost and Value of a USC Education

The following provides contextual information on tuition, financial aid, student debt, and the true cost and value of a USC education:

value_of_usc_educationNote: Figures are best available current numbers; total financial aid expenditures are inclusive of all forms of private and federally-funded sources.



USC’s commitment to making a high-quality, high-value education available to as many deserving students as possible is evidenced by its ever-increasing commitment of private scholarships and grants, keeping student borrowing lower than national averages for both public and private institutions.




The issue of the affordability of a USC education is an important one, and the most directly affected population—current USC students—are right to ask how tuition is calculated and where it fits in to the larger fiscal spending picture for the university. In an effort to increase a better understanding of its fiscal infrastructure, university administrators and Provost Michael Quick met with students to provide detailed breakdowns of tuition and budget. The information was summarized in a student-produced video by undergraduates Jordan Fowler and Chase Rosenberg.


With recent news of tuition hikes, most of us want to know exactly where our tuition goes. Check out this info-video…

Posted by Trojans 360 on Friday, March 4, 2016