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Address to the College Board Annual Forum

…‘breadth with depth.’ Our ideal is to help students develop the kind of intellectual flexibility displayed by the best thinkers of the European Renaissance. Take Leonardo da Vinci, for instance….

Fred D. Fagg, Jr.

…wins an Academy Award for best short documentary. 1957 USC’s first computer — the gift of an alumnus — is installed in Biegler Hall. USC begins its tradition of on-campus…

Rufus B. von KleinSmid

…Therapy opens as one of the first programs of its kind in the country. 1943 USC installs a human centrifuge, used to study the conditions leading to blackout. 1945 USC’s…

Four Things That Are Harder to Teach Than Reading

…the past to educational imperatives. There was the Morrill Act of 1862, for instance, which established our land-grant universities. There was the G.I. Bill of 1944 and subsequent renewals which…