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Facts and Figures

Students (2016-17 academic year)

Rounded to the nearest 500
Undergraduates 19,000
Graduate and professional 25,000
Total 44,000

Student Demographics (Fall 2016)

Asians 17.6%
Black/African-American 5.6%
Hispanic 13.0%
White/Caucasian 33.1%
International 24.1%
Other 6.6%

International Students (Fall 2016)

Rounded to the nearest tenth
Regularly Enrolled International Students 10,571

All International Students by Country of Citizenship

Freshman Class (Fall 2016)

Applicants 54,282
Admits 9,023 (16.6 percent)
Matriculants 3,068
Average GPA 3.75 (unweighted)
Middle 50-percent SAT range 1950-2210
National Merit Scholars 229
First-generation college students 13 percent

Freshman Profile and Admission Information 2016-17

Student Retention Rate (Fall 2016)

Fall 2015 (% enrolled Fall 2016) 96%
Fall 2014 (% enrolled Fall 2015) 96%
Fall 2013 (% enrolled Fall 2014) 97%
Fall 2012 (% enrolled Fall 2013) 96%

*USC’s retention rate is based on full-time, first-time freshmen.

Degrees Awarded (June 2016)

Bachelor’s degrees 5,325
Advanced degrees 10,332
Six-Year Graduation Rate (Student Right-to-Know*)
2016 (Fall 2010 freshman class)  92%
2015 (Fall 2009 freshman class)  92%
2014 (Fall 2008 freshman class)  91%
2013 (Fall 2007 freshman class)  91%

* Student Right-to-Know refers to a federally mandated disclosure of a college’s graduation rate. Its intent is to provide prospective students and their parents with a statistic of comparable effectiveness that can be used in determining college choice. USC’s current graduation rate is based on full-time, first-time, degree-seeking undergraduates who entered the university in the fall semester and graduated within six years of attendance (150% of the normal completion time). Graduation rates do not include students who left school to serve in the armed forces or on official church missions or with a foreign aid service of the federal government, or students who died or were totally and permanently disabled.

USC’s U-CAN Profile

The University and College Accountability Network (U-CAN) Web site provides profiles of hundreds of private institutions of higher learning, in a common format, with the goal of helping parents and prospective students make an informed college choice. U-CAN Profile

Faculty and Staff (2016-17)

Rounded to the nearest 100
Faculty (full-time) 4,190
Staff (50 percent time or more) 14,482
Student workers

(does not include teaching/research assistants)
Total 26,327

Faculty and Staff 2016-2017


There are more than 375,000 living alumni in the Trojan Family. USC alumni can be found in positions of leadership all over the world, with more than half of them living in California.

Academic Units

USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

21 Schools and units

Undergraduate Tuition

$51,442 (2016-17 undergraduate estimate of costs)

Financial Aid Expenditures (2016-17 fiscal year)

$528 million

Endowment (as of June 30, 2016)

$4.6 billion

University Budget (2016-17 fiscal year)

$4.4 billion

Economic Impact

$8 billion, economic impact analysis

Sponsored Research (2015-16 fiscal year)

$697 million

University Annual Financial Reports